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1.       Graph Factors and Matching Extensions

Graph Factors and Matching Extensions

By Yu, Qinglin Roger, Liu, Gui-zhen

·         Springer (2010), Jointly published with Higher Education Press

·         2010, XII, 353 p. 51 illus., Hardcover

·         ISBN: 978-3-540-93951-1

Correction and Comments (updated in March 2013)

Page 21, line -1, Choose G and G’ …

Page 35, Lemma 1.6.1 (b) should state as: if T is an extreme set in G and S \subseteq T, then T-S is an extreme set in G-T.

Page 141, line 14, Abbasi (1999);

2.     Solving Mathematical Problems – A personal perspective (In Chinese, Translation of T. Tao’s same title)

By Qing Roger Yu

解题•成长•快乐陶哲轩教你学数学 [平装]

~ 陶哲轩 (Terence Tao) (作者), 潘承彪 (注释 解说词), 于青林 (译者)


·         Beijing University Press

·         July 2009 (131 pp)

·         ISBN 978-7-301-15447-2

3.     Theory of Graph Theory (in Chinese)

图的因子和匹配可扩性 [平装]

~ 于青林 (作者), 刘桂真 (作者)

By Q. L. Yu and G. Z. Liu, Higher-Education Press, March 2010 (in Chinese, 357 pp).

ISBN: 7040288877, 9787040288872

4.     Graph Theory (In Chinese, Translation of Reinhard Diestel’s Graph Theory, 4th Edition)

图论(第4版) [平装]

~ 迪斯特尔 (Reinhard Diestel) (作者), 于青林 (译者), 王涛 (译者), 王光辉 (译者)


By Q. L. Yu, Tao Wang and Guanghaui Wang, Higher-Education Press, 2013 (394 pp)

ISBN: 9787040351774